SNAP has over 130 engaging books and lesson plans for K-6 grades, covering comprehension strategies, oral fluency skills, and K-8 content in history, science, and language arts.
Developed by literacy specialists, this guided reading program can be printed as books, and accessed on 21st century learning devices for personal learning.

  • 130 books in K-6 content covering history, science, and language arts
  • Built-in fluency, comprehension, and multiple choice assessments
  • Touch and view glossary for complex words, and voice over directions for each page
  • Cloud-based storage, trackable assessments and built-in data collection
  • Works on iPads, Android tablets, interactive whiteboards, or the web!
Learn how the SNAP Guided Reading Program, tripled oral reading fluency rates of students in Program Improvement Schools.

Digital Learning Features
  • Digital DeliveryAccess library via cloud over the web, or by downloading directly to tablets, laptops, and computers
  • Animated Early ReadersEnjoy intuitive flip through books and animated readers for Pre-K
  • Interactive ActivitiesFill-in-the-blanks, jumbled words and games to familiarize reader with word usage and meanings
  • Phonetic AssistanceTouch and view glossary for complex words, and voice over directions for each page
  • Fluency PracticeTouch and view vocabulary pronunciation and definitions for easy reference
  • Word Usage InteractivityGaming material using words from the guide books
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